Hoyeah peeps! Sup? 8D Welcome to my blog. Hate me, because I hate myself. Yalololo :{D This blog is sucks on IE, fine on MF and best on GC.

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10 Things About Me
posted on June 06, 2011 @ 5:22 PM Add comment (0)

1. Suka kumpul buku. xD
2. I hate bugs but I love Butterfly. //keling.
3. Paling malas nak bercakap.
4. Takde perasaan kot. .-.
5. Kuat berangan. I wish I live in fairytale. Bhahaha
6. Mudah spazzing.
7. Tak sukakan paksaan.
8. Seorang yang pelik dan blur -.-
9. I'm an awesome stalker.
10. Suka tiru gaya orang. lol

Na shimshimhae ~~ =,=

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